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Massage Treatments

 “I am an arthritis sufferer and have tried different medications without success. I have for the past three months gone to the Orchard park Massage Clinic, where Jane Meech has brought me great relief. I would recommend her methods of therapy to anyone suffering from this painful condition. Jane is a very pleasant person as is the surroundings she works in.”
Gloria, Orchard Park, NY

“I wish I could keep coming every Saturday for one of your great massages. Really- you do a great job! Also I enjoyed the friendly conversation, the peaceful atmosphere, and your advice on the Bach Flower Remedies. Thank you for everything. I’ll be back.”
Ellen, Orchard Park, NY

“I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since you gave me what I believe was about the most effective massage I’ve ever had and I am just writing to thank you now. So, before I put it off to search for some memorable turn of phrase, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Jane, Eggertsville, NY

“I want to thank you with all my heart for the time and attention you gave me when I had the headache. Your wonderful hands somehow took the pain away, and it hasn’t been back since. What a gift you have!”
Michelle, Syracuse, NY

“My wife and I have been working with Jane for the past four years. She has made an incredible difference in both our lives. Our stress level is considerably lower and the chronic pains are much more manageable. Recently, my wife was in an auto accident in which she sustained severe ligament and soft tissue damage. Working with Jane, she has seen an amazing increase in mobility and pain relief. Jane has a special gift.”
Jim and Lisa, Hamburg, NY

“I couldn’t ask for a better gift than visiting Jane at the Orchard Park Massage Clinic! The atmosphere is quiet, soft, and peaceful with soothing music and the sound of water in the background. After my massage, I find great improvement in my upper extremity problems. I am completely relaxed and my muscle tension is released. I feel my stress is gone and I can concentrate on whatever task with greater efficiency and ease. I would highly recommend the professionalism of Jane and the Orchard Park Massage Clinic.”
Jacqueline, Orchard Park, NY

“I started massage due to severe sciatica in both hips. After two months of massage every two weeks, the pain was gone and has not returned. It relieves my arthritis pain also. Massage helps relieve my stress and leaves me feeling calm. I am very comfortable with Jane. Her professional manner allows me to relax and receive the full benefit of massage. For me having a massage is what I do to be good to myself.”
Jean, East Aurora, NY

“Jane you are a blessing to my husband and I. After our car accident our daughter recommended you and you have helped us tremendously. My husband’s neck spasms have resolved and my severe migraines have greatly improved. You always greet us with a warm, pleasant smile and your hands work with ease and strength. You make us feel good and refreshed after a stressful day. We thank you for all you have done for us. We will continue to see you.”
Rita and Edmund, Orchard Park, NY.

“My initial visit with Jane, almost a year and one half ago, was due to a wonderful gift idea from my brother. I had just delivered my beautiful daughter, Lydia. My brother said I deserved some luxury and muscle rejuvenation. It was the best gift ever! So great that I have continued seeing Jane once a month and have never felt better! Jane is very personable and professional! You definitely found your talent, Jane! Keep up the great work! See you soon!”
Tina, Orchard Park, NY

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the results of your massages. I have been a jogger for over twenty years. As you know, recently, I have been struggling with low back pain and tight hamstrings. Both of which have interfered with my ability to jog. As a physical therapist and athletic trainer, I treated myself with ice and stretching, but nothing did the trick like your massages. After your massages, I experienced increased pain free range of motion and relief from my low back pain and hamstring stiffness. The stretches you have shown me have been helpful. I have returned to jogging with fewer restrictions. Thank you for your expert care.”
Lynn, Orchard Park, NY

Yoga Renewal

 “At the start of Jane’s class, I was being treated for high blood pressure and was trying to adjust to medication for this condition. I felt awful and wasn’t sure what meditation and Kundalini Yoga could do for me, or if I could ever do it. From the beginning the experience was remarkable. Weekly, I found my body becoming more relaxed and my mind-body connection more centered. I was physically able to move with greater ease and mentally able to remain calmer in stressful situations. Jane, as an instructor, is positive, encouraging with beginning students, and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of yoga and meditation. Now I look forward to Yoga and Meditation as an essential part of my life.”
Sara, Orchard Park, NY

“During my eight sessions with yoga and meditation, I found personal fulfillment in all that I hoped for. The classes were beneficial beyond my expectations. And this was due to the caring expertise of the instructor, Jane Meech.”
Barbara, Orchard Park, NY

“With each position I was progressively more relaxed. The time duration was wonderful. My sore throat disappeared. My legs felt totally stretched out! I felt more rested after our session than I usually feel after ten hours sleep.”
Sara, Buffalo, NY

“Thank-you so much. I found the whole experience comforting, nurturing, and refreshing. My lower back has been pain free all week.”
Ellen, Orchard Park, NY

“With the need to take control of the stress and anxiety in my life, I began to take Yoga Renewal with Jane Meech. Now, several years later, I have found the peace and calmness that I have not felt in a long time. Jane offers classes with clear instructions, filled with knowledge, experience, and personal guidance. In taking Kundalini Yoga, I have found a conditioning of the body and mind. In Restorative Yoga, I have found a balance of the heart and soul. Yoga Renewal with Jane has been a life altering experience for me. Thank you Jane!”
Cheryl, Orchard Park, NY

“I am very thankful to know Jane. Trying out restorative yoga has enabled me to control my lower back pain with great results.The poses she showed me are easy to execute. I find myself so relaxed that one time I fell asleep.After one hour of relaxation, my mind is quiet and I find that I make more informed choices with better attitude. I shall continue to use the yoga poses daily. They have relieved stress and discomfort and at the end of the day, I feel more centered.”
Katherine, Orchard Park, NY