Corporate Workshops

Corporate wellness workshops are now being embraced by many progressive businesses and community organizations, as healthy employees are an integral part of a successful business. Our corporate workshops provide convenient services that help reduce stress, anxiety & tension that often occur in challenging work environments.

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Jet Lag Solutions

Technically, jet lag is caused by travel across several time zones which disrupts one’s circadian (24 hour) rhythm at one’s destination. Using simple yoga techniques can relax your body and mind while helping to reduce swelling in the legs and back discomfort caused from prolonged sitting.¬†These poses will also calm and refresh your mind after a long airplane trip.

Better than a Coffee Break: Yoga for the Office

Our obligations to work, family, friends and community often leave us little time for self care. It is when we are the most stressed that we need to relax and renew ourselves. By practicing yoga for the office, you will enhance your ability to interact with coworkers and clients.

Breath of Change

Most of us lead fast forward lives, collapsing in exhaustion at the end of the day. The class uses breathing and simple meditation exercises to foster the art of relaxation and the release of deep rooted stress.

We also offer custom designed workshops. Contact our experts to determine a solution that will best fit your specific company needs.